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Burning Solutions, Inc. was formed in 1996 in Marietta, Georgia.  Beginning with one product, ERASE. As a domestic manufacturer, Burning Solutions, Inc. sells to select distributors and a network of Veterinarians, tobacconists, and individuals throughout the US, Germany, England, Austria and South America.  Direct consumer and individual sales are accomplished through the companies Internet site,


"Our success and our growth has come from listening to the end user and to our distribution partners - we'll never change that."


In early 1998 an Executive Housekeeper, who happened to be a cigar smoker, purchased a 2-oz. bottle of Erase from his local Tobacconist.  He tried the product in a conference room at his property and was amazed at the results.  He called Burning Solutions and insisted that we make the product available in quarts, gallons and larger sizes.  That call took Burning Solutions into the Hospitality market.  We now offer Erase from 2-ounces (to Convenience Stores) to 55 gallon drums (to Hospitality and the Rent A Car industry).


Products developed and manufactured by Burning Solutions include:

  • Erase™ Liquid - smoke odor eliminator

  • The Pet Butler™ - Family of pet odor elimination products

  • T.K.O.® - Smoke odor eliminator

  • Invisible Butler

Burning Solutions prides itself as an innovator of high quality products that perform as advertised!


Primary Markets:

  • Convenience Stores, Retirement Homes

  • Pets and Veterinarians

  • Car Rental, Auto Sales, Car Wash 

  • Retail Tobacconist, Cigarettes, Cigar and Marijuana


Burning Solutions, Inc. is the leader in smoke odor elimination as well as the solution to other odor problem elimination.

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