ERASE is available in 5 gal case, 22 gal, and 55 gal options visit our wholesale page for details.

Eliminates all unpleasant or unwanted odors, such as cooking odors, musty/mildew odors, cigar/cigarette odors, pet odors, and all other odors permanently.

ERASE has been specifically formulated to eliminate all odors that permeate carpet, fabric, paint, and wood. Most products temporarily mask odors with citrus or oil-based perfumes. Erase is an alcohol-based product, which contains enzymes that consumes unwanted odors quickly and permanently within 10-15 minutes. Because ERASE is NOT oil based it is safe to use in vehicles, on clothing and indoor environments. In a vehicle or small room (10' x 12') simply sprits 6-10 sprays and allow 10-15 minutes for the stale odors to be erased.  The results are quick and permanent. 


Individual Use: ERASE is packaged in several sizes including a convenient 2oz bottle w/finger sprayer that allows an individual to carry Erase in their pocket or in the glove compartment of their car. ERASE allows smokers to enjoy their cigars and cigarettes in confined spaces such as automobiles, offices, dens, studies, etc. and be able to eliminate unwanted odors when finished. Give us a call and let us help you clear the air.


Institutional Use: Rental Cars, Hotel guestrooms, bars and cigar lounges, locker rooms, conference rooms, restaurants, restrooms and other areas which are subject to high volumes of unwanted or unpleasant odors such as cigarette, cigar musty/mildew odors, septic odors or any other odors. ERASE will tota