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Odor Elimination Specialists

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ERASE has been specifically formulated to eliminate, all unwanted stale odors, permanently and quickly with only a faint, pleasant aroma that dissipates rapidly. ERASE is so good it eliminates its own fragrance in 10-15 minutes, leaving the area odor neutral. ERASE is effective on pet odors, cooking odors, cigarette and cigar odors and all household odors including restroom odors, mold and mildew odors.


ERASE is used in vehicles, bar and lounges, locker rooms, homes & offices, conference rooms, restaurants, casinos, hotel guestrooms, and other areas which are subject to unwanted stale odors. Odors will not return – guaranteed. This product is not a mask and is not oil-based. No lingering chemical odors.

Not a mask / Not oil based / No lingering citrus or chemical scents

The Invisible ButlerTM / T.K.O


The Invisible Butler is a time release unit and is specifically designed for use with our exclusive TKO, a powder dry spray that will continually knock out any and all odors, no matter how offensive or vile the odor may be. This fully automatic unit comes with hardware or can be used portably.      


T.K.O. aerosol is a revolution in the odor elimination industry. Its dry powder formulation permits dispensing of product less than a micron in size! Because of this amazing breakthrough, TKO floats in the air consuming odors with amazing efficiency – up to 6,000 cubic feet with one spray! This spray is not oil based, so it’s safe to use around leather goods, computers, upholstery, wood, carpet, and draperies.

Not a mask / Not oil based / No lingering citrus or chemical scents

The Pet ButlerTM


The Pet Butler line of products are results of extensive testing with Veterinarians, Trainers, Breeders, Kennel and pet owners from all over the United States, totally eliminating all odors quickly and permanently – without leaving a lingering unwanted fragrance. 


Pet Butler Odor Eliminator has been specifically formulated to eliminate all pet odors from household, clinic, automobile, and other areas. Product may be sprayed directly on animal. The Pet Butler attacks and eliminates all unwanted animal odors leaving the air odor neutral. Works awesome around kitty letter boxes, and house training your pets!

Not a mask / Not oil based / No lingering citrus or chemical scents

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