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 The Invisible Butler 

Eliminates all unpleasant or unwanted odors, such as cooking odors, musty/mildew odors, cigar/cigarette odors, pet odors, and all other odors permanently.

The Invisible Butler - Best Aerosol Spray

The Invisible Butler
  • Fully Automatic - programmable dispenser

  • Accepts most all time dispense aerosols

  • Tabletop or wall mountable

  • LED full function display

  • 7.5, 15 and 30 minute treatment settings

  • 1 year warranty


Home Use:

Tired of those lingering smells in your house. Wet pups, cooking, perfumes, and life can create quite a stink. The Invisible Butler was designed to combat these smells. It's revolutionary formula eliminates smells rather than masking them with a fruity fragrance. The Invisible Butler, when using T.K.O., will remove smoke odors and all other odors as they occur – each unit will treat approximately 6,000 cubic feet!


The Invisible Butler has been designed to meet the needs of hospitality clients who wish to accommodate clients who have pets, smoke or cook in their rooms without having to endure offensive lingering odors.  This handsome unit blends in with most all decors.  Color: Neutral Gray.


The Invisible Butler is programmable to dispense a treatment every 7½, 15 or 30 minutes, meeting your specific needs.  Each 7oz. Can of T.K.O. will last for 60+ days when set to dispense every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day. The Invisible Butler is powered by 2 alkaline D-cell batteries {not included} that will last approximately two years.  Mounts easily to the wall with provided hardware.


  • 3,400 Treatments per can

  • Exceeds California VOC requirements

  • Fresh powder fragrance that dissipates to odor neutral


  • T.K.O., aerosol is a revolution in the smoke odor elimination industry.  It's dry powder formulation permits dispensing of product less than a micron in size!  Because of this amazing breakthrough, TKO floats in the air and consumes odors with amazing efficiency - up to 6,000 cubic feet with one spray!  Specially formulated to eliminate cigar odors, TKO is also effective in the instant removal of cigarette and other offensive odors.


  • T.K.O., aerosol is designed for use in our Invisible Butler time-release unit and will fit in most all other time-release dispensers.


  • Widely used by Restaurants, Nightclubs and Bars, T.K.O. affords a very inexpensive solution to recurring offensive odor problems at home, in the office or in trucks and cars.


  • T.K.O. is not a mask and is not an oil-based product.  It is safe to use around leather goods, computers, upholstery, wood and in luxury automobiles.


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