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ERASE has been specifically formulated to eliminate all odors that permeate carpet, fabric, paint, and wood. Most products temporarily mask odors with citrus or oil-based perfumes. Erase is an alcohol-based product, which contains enzymes that consumes unwanted odors quickly and permanently within 10-15 minutes. Because ERASE is NOT oil based it is safe to use in vehicles, on clothing and indoor environments. In a vehicle or small room (10' x 12') simply sprits 6-10 sprays and allow 10-15 minutes for the stale odors to be erased.  The results are quick and permanent. To help compensate for the high cost of Sipping Two 2 oz. bottle of erase included with order at no charge.

Erase Odor Eliminator 32 oz Spray Bottle included Two 2 oz Bottle at no charge

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