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Burning Solutions Odor Eliminaton Products: ERASE and Pet Butler
Available in 2oz, 32oz, gallon, 5 gallon, 22 gallon, and 55 gallon options

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Burning Solutions, Inc. is the leader in problem odor elimination, including smells from: Smoke, Pets, and Life.

Our high quality line of products have been used wherever smells create a challenge:

In Your Vehicle, In Your Home, Cigar Shops, Veterinarian Offices, Rental Cars, Hair/Nail Salons, Hotels, Retirement Homes, Convenience Stores, etc.

Your Solution to Any Odor Problem
Shorecrest Vacation Villas, South Carolina
Kathy Ward, Housekeeping Supervisor

Erase is great! I have been working the housekeeping business for 12 years and is the best that I have ever used.

For example. We had a couple check in to a unit and their daughter has allergies. The room had a cigarette smoke odor. We sprayed Erase and erase is what it did!

Crescent View Beach Club, Florida
R. Jackson - Manager

We had a customer who was highly sensitive to smoke odors. She checked in during the height of our season (February) and was going to check out after just one night, because of the tobacco odors. We treated her room with Erase and because it was so effective in eliminating the odors, she and her family stayed for the entire week. Thanks Erase!

Marriott Residence Inn, Maine
Dave Foster, Lead Housekeeper

This is the only product we have ever tried that doesn't leave a residue, lingering odor or perfume smell. With a little extra use, Erase is very effective on cooking smells such as curry and other spices.

Lexington Hotel Suites, Texas
Krisha Williams

I like Erase because it deodorizes and leaves the room clean smelling. We use the Erase mainly in smoking rooms. We apply it directly to the drapes and it removes all odors. Some quests cook in their rooms and the Erase is very effective on those odors as well.

Fairfield Seawatch Resort, South Carolina
Shirley Dresch, Housekeeping Supervisor

We use Erase in rooms that have a really bad smoke odor. You can leave the room and go back later and the odor is gone. It really works well and lasts a long time. I would definitely recommend this product.

Fairfield Westwinds Resort, South Carolina
Mitzi Franklin, Housekeeping Supervisor

I use the Erase. I really like the smell of it. It works really well for smoke odors and all other bad odors. This product also takes bad odors away. The Erase doesn't just cover up.. It Erases!

Opryland Hotel & Conference Center, Tennessee
Brian Englehart, Executive Housekeeper

Erase is the only odor eliminator we use in Opryland.  That includes 2,800 rooms and 2.5 million square feet of public space.

Wingate Inn, Georgia
Heather - Administrative Assistant to the Owner

Used Erase in another hotel where touch up work was being done to the furniture.  Erase removed all of the stain and varnish odors.  Tried Febreze in the new hotel but did not like the lingering fragrance.  Erase works without leaving a fragrance behind.

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