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Eliminates All Odors Quickly and Permanently!
For Homes, Hotels, Cigar Shops & Lounges, Casinos, Car, Office, Boats, RVs, Pets, Vets, Bars, and More!
Any Odor – Anywhere – In Minutes
An Amazing Odor Remover!
Not Oil Based
Not a Mask
No Diluting or Mixing
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Burning Solutions Odor Eliminaton Products: ERASE and Pet Butler
Available in 2oz, 32oz, gallon, 5 gallon, 22 gallon, and 55 gallon options

For large quantities see our visit our wholesale page.

Burning Solutions, Inc. is the leader in problem odor elimination, including smells from: Smoke, Pets, and Life.

Our high quality line of products have been used wherever smells create a challenge:

In Your Vehicle, In Your Home, Cigar Shops, Veterinarian Offices, Rental Cars, Hair/Nail Salons, Hotels, Retirement Homes, Convenience Stores, etc.

Your Solution to Any Odor Problem